Christmas Secrets


I decided to try and take the boys to shop for each other this year. They've never really cared any other year but showed a bit of interest this year to buy something special for their "bubby"
Taylor was overwhelmed and had a hard time because being the perfectionist he is, he wanted to pick out the most perfect present that his brother would love and play with every day.
He had a couple of melt downs in Target and then finally settled on some Galactic Heroes.
After the near failure of the first shopping trip it took me about a week to take Callum to shop for his brother.
Callum was a bit better. I knew better than walking up and down all the toy aisles. I steered him into the direction of the action figures since Taylor had a request for a certain item.
Callum decided against the item Taylor had requested and found a Batman figure he thought his brother would like and another that had Nightwing, Batgirl and the Penguin. Both excellent choices, I know Taylor would be very happy with them.
As soon as we got home Callum and Taylor snuck off to their Nana's bedroom and Callum whispered to him that he got him Batman, the pack with Nightwing and the other Galactic Hero he had chosen against.
I hear Taylor exclaim "you got me everything I ever wanted bubby! You're such a great bubby!"
Josh whispers to me that he hears Callum spilling the beans.
"Callum, are you telling your brother what you got?" "No mommy!"
I couldn't help but laugh. We can't expect four year olds to keep secrets from each other, especially two little boys that are this close.
The only problem with this, is Callum told his brother something that he didn't end up getting him! Taylor is definitely going to be disappointed and I can't decide if I should run out and get it and make it a stocking stuffer since it is a small item.
The other option would be to let him learn the disappointment of not always getting what you ask for.
I explained that I didn't think Callum got all those things, he just wouldn't have it.
If Callum said so his word was gold....even against mommy's.


Anonymous said...

Thats so cute. Im a sucker for Christmas so I'd probably go out and buy it!

Anonymous said...


I took Landon out to buy something for Ollie, and it took a while to get Landon to understand that did not mean buying a toy only Landon would play with!