Josh braved the crowds of the mall this close to Christmas to take the boys to see Santa today.
He said the line was incredibly long and the people were crazy there of course.
He messaged me that he had a headache and the people were all smelly and stupid!

The boys were so excited to see the big man.
Taylor talked and talked as he is prone to do to anyone that will listen.
Santa listened intently even with the long line.

We really like the Santa at this mall. He's been there ever since the boys first visit to Santa when they were four months old.
We did strayed once to the other mall because we were having portraits done and it was convenient but, I instantly regretted it as he was not a very personable Santa even though he was a very great looking Santa.
He didn't really talk to the boys much and the workers there were more about getting the snapshot than letting them enjoy the experience. I finally snapped at them to just let them enjoy it and I think that picture came out pretty good.

Between the two I will definitely pick the Oxmoor Santa as long as it's still the same guy.


09 Santa182


The boys with Santa 2006