Volcano Making

Besides the copious amounts of Star Wars toys the boys got for their birthday they also got a Volcano kit from our friends Michele & Jason and their kids.
They've been itching to make it since they opened it and we finally did this week.
Nana had it all set up to start when I got home from work the other day.
Callum wasn't nearly as into it as Taylor.
He loved putting on the mad scientist goggles and helped with every part of making it.
Callum checked in on our progress from time to time. But as usual he is a very busy boy and had lots of other things to do.
Nana was kind enough to take some pictures of Taylor and I making the volcano since I am always the one taking pictures and rarely in them.

Taylor's ready to go


Getting started and pouring the mix with Nana



Callum coming to check out what we're doing and doing what he does best....acting like a nut!




He decides to help mix in some water


Taylor mixing


Mommy & Taylor start putting the mix on the volcano mold




It was really messy


Checking out our finished product and waiting for it to dry.

Making our volcano

I resorted to the only thing to make Callum look directly at the camera and smile

I told him I was going to toot on him.

Hey, whatever works!


We've had many eruptions from our new volcano this week, but I haven't had the chance to take pictures of that just yet.
To be honest the eruptions are kind of weak.
I think we need to reposition the tube that goes through it that controls the "eruption"
But either way, the boys love it!