1st Day of School PreK

After trying to go through the application process for our local county public pre-k programs we decided for the boys to go back to Kindercare where they had been going for preschool.
The cost was definitely a factor.
Public Pre-K is definitely pricey and we don't qualify for any sort of tuition reduction.
The boys love their little school. They know all the teachers and loved going there.
Yesterday was their first day back from their summer off with Nana.
I am pretty sure Nana was ready for them to go back to school as well!
They were super excited to be going back and seeing all their friends and their favorite teachers.
They said they had a great first day back and met new friends.

Still sleepy


Big PreK boys!



Anonymous said...

Awww they look adorable! wow that school is expensive!

Maria said...

My goodness your boys are so freaking handsome. Pre-K is so darn expensive! I am stoked that the State of Florida offers paid vouchers for pre-k students so it's basically free tuition for this year on the twins--Woot!!!

Sleepy heads---they will get used to it. I am sure Nana will still miss them at times. :-)