Visit with Grandpa John

My dad came to visit us during his annual trip back to the states.
It was a nice visit. We did a lot of relaxing and general loafing about.
Typically our visits are a whirlwind of activity which wasn't lacking totally on this trip with the boys birthday falling on the weekend he was here.
I realized that with all of our laziness that I hadn't taken a picture of him and the boys.
I made sure to grab the camera before he was getting ready to leave for the airport and snap some shots with him and the boys.

Grandpa John & The Boys
That picture proves just how squirelly Callum can be. He's always very busy and has things to do and people to see at all times

IMG_3452 - Copy
Taylor & Grandpa John

Grandpa John & The Boys
Callum trying to be good, but Grandpa John looking the wrong way.