Fourth Birthday!

The boys fourth birthday was this weekend.
We had my dad in town for the weekend too, they were super excited to have Grandpa John in town for their birthday.
We did it at home and rented a bounce house.
We lucked out and found a guy in our neighborhood newsletter that was cheaper than the rest and a super nice guy.
He's a local fireman that runs the business on his own.
The bounce house was more than I could imagine!
Of course the boys picked Star Wars as this years "theme" for their birthday.
I usually try to go light on the themed stuff....I got the Clone Wars napkins, a tablecloth and a banner.
My mom and sister came over early and helped me decorated and get the backyard set up.
The boys had a GREAT time.
We had a pretty good turnout.
We bought way too much pizza and had tons of cake left over.
I baked the cakes Friday and Ashley constructed an R2D2 cake for the boys.
They were really stoked about it.
My sisters were such a huge help at the party, between the cake and helping clean up they were so awesome.
I even had someone ask to adopt my family because they're pretty awesome.
I have to say I did definitely luck out in the sister department.
The boys favorite teacher from their preschool even came by for a little bit. They were so excited to see Miss Sharon stop by.
They had to show her the whole house and their Star Wars room of course.
I can't believe how fast four years have gone by!
Where are my babies?!
They make me proud. They are such great big boys.

Happy Birthday!

R2D2 Cake

the birthday boys playing with balloons before anyone got there

Balloon Fun!

the enormous bounce house!

Giant Bounce House

Callum in the shark pool that sprayed water out of his head


slip n slide

Slip N Slide


Opening Presents

Opening Presents

Miss Sharon watching the boys open presents

Opening Presents

The kids all shooting my cousin Justyn. The boys favorite present was definitely the Boba Fett helmets

The kids shooting Justyn

Taylor with Pappaw Floyd and Mammaw (my mom and stepdad)

Taylor w Mammaw & Pappaw

Cake time!! The boys were so mad, one of the little girls blew out their candles before they could! lol lovely little biggie, just lit and let them go again. They also refused to let me put holes in their R2 cake so I had to put the little candles in cupcakes! haha

Cake Time

Taylor and Miss Isabella the Noodle

Taylor & Noodle

Jumping with Aunt Shannon, my cousin's son Cayden & Taylor

Aunt Shannon, Cayden & Taylor

Jesse was doing flips with the kids

Callum & Noodle

Josh going down headfirst




Taylor sums up the end of the day! lol exhausted and grumpy