3009 Arjay

My husband and I have taken one of the largest steps, (besides having the boys of course) of our relationship!
We are now homeowners!
The process went much faster than we had anticipated.
The first house we saw was "the one".
We went and looked at a few others, not feeling comfortable to just go with the very first house we saw.
As soon as we looked at a few others, we knew that it was the one for us.
I'm so excited!
We've been talking to the boys about each night, trying to get them used to the idea.
They've asked a million questions about each thing in the house that they want to know if it is coming to the new house.
We keep telling them EVERYTHING, but they ask about each item.
It's pretty cute.
We've asked them what color they want their new room. Taylor wanted blue, Callum responded first with black. It was hilarious, Josh quoted Beetlejuice of course. "my life is one big black darkroom".
I don't think I feel comfortable with painting a three year old's room black just yet.
Callum now says he wants yellow.
They change their minds each time we ask them.
The seller has to stay in the house until the 15th, she's waiting to close on her new place.
She'll be paying us a prorated amount for each day she's there.

Now on to packing and moving!


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Congrats, You should come check out some ideas at my blog if you get the chance!