The boys informed me a while back that they have a girlfriend.
Not one of them has a girlfriend, and the other has a different girl.
NO. She is THEIR girlfriend.
Her name is Alexis.
They always talk about Alexis, what Alexis did that day, if Alexis was in school or not, how she shares and how much they like her.
While the boys were sick for two weeks this month when I called in the codirector Theresa told me that Alexis's mom took her home that day.
Because when they showed up and Alexis saw her boyfriends weren't in school she refused to stay! ha.
Dayum boys.
Alexis's birthday was yesterday. I couldn't take the boys to her party since it was during work hours, but Nana took them to her birthday party at a park.
I've finally gotten to see a picture of my future only daughter in law, cause apparently they are both marrying her.
Alexis's parents are from Germany and both speak German. She is also bilingual which is pretty awesome.
My mother in law said it was the best kids party she's been too, and being an early childhood educator for many years, she's been to a fair share.
She said it was pretty laid back and the kids had a great time.
They brought home little penny banks that they painted and lots of little toys in their goody bags.
They also came home talking ALL about Alexis of course!
Nana said the whole time Alexis kept calling for the boys "where are my twins?" "my twins, lets go play!"

This is so adorable. I am sure when we have real first girlfriends I may not think it's so cute!


Taylor left refusing to look at the camera, Alexis and Callum


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