Happy Fourth of July!

We had all intentions of getting out and being social for this 4th of July.
Then reality hit.
Josh has been having some really bad pain from the accident in his hips and back and has had a headache that is lingering for weeks now.
Poor thing had to take all his pain meds and a nap.
He was still feeling pretty bad later in the evening so we decided to forgo any plans that we had and stay home and hang out with just us and the boys.
While daddy slept a bit we watched Superman Returns, Spiderman 2, Tarzan and some of Happy Feet.
I bought some fireworks with plans of bringing them to wherever we went so we didn't show up empty handed so we asked the boys if they would be interested in going outside for fireworks since they kept talking about it all day.
They were actually really keen on the sparklers and had fun with them.
I was kinda of shocked, I bought two small boxes thinking that I would be the only one playing with them and that they would want no part of it.
Interestingly enough they loved the sparklers! I had to keep reminding them to stay clear of each other.
Taylor still came away from it with some singed hair from his brother getting too close, but nothing terrible.
They really liked the roman candles Josh was shooting off until he came across some that were different and sparkled a lot more and made a lot of noise, after a few of those they were done and wanted to go inside.
I brought them inside and we watched the rest of the fireworks getting shot off from inside the living room where the noise wasn't so loud.
They seemed to like that a lot more.
In theory they were really excited about fireworks today, but they're still too young to really enjoy all the noise.
I was just happy to see them have so much fun with the sparklers.

It was so cold and damp outside that my lense kept fogging up.







They stayed up where they felt safe to watch fireworks from the porch


This is when they decided they were over it and wanted inside.




Anonymous said...

Hailee loved the sparkler to. I only bought a small box becuase I thought they same as you did.

She was afraid of all the noisey fireworks! Maybe next yr!