1st Half Dental work and other stuff.

Taylor had his dental work done yesterday. Well part one anyway.
He had to have a few fillings. I still feel terrible about it, but we have one that has perfect teeth and the other had cavities...they both eat the same and both brush everyday, twice a day.
Not much we can do about it.
I just didn't want to take him.
We couldn't go back with him and knowing they were going to pappoose him I just couldn't handle it. I would rather Josh take him since he is much more calm than I am and can give that vibe off and not freak him out beforehand.
Taylor was so good.
He went back with them with no problems, just said OK.
Afterwards Josh said you could tell he had been crying but he wasn't hysterical at all.
Nana called me throughout the day and told me that he was in a FOUL mood.
He was whiney and just plain old MEAN.
I'm going to blame it on the medication and the gas they gave him, but we all know he is usually our grumpy old grandpa of the two anyway.
He told his Daddy "Don't talk at ME!" then Josh tried to calm him and rub his arm and he screamed "Don't touch me!" "It's not your job to touch me!"
He also asked his Nana this morning "Where's my damn juice?!"
But that part is done and he has another appointment next week for the last of it.

My wonderful amazing bestie Kerry made the boys some AWESOME birthday invites.
I'm totally stoked on them.
We finally decided to go ahead and do it at Pump It Up since we didn't want to have to deal with all the setting up and cleaning and such this year at our house. I really like doing home parties, but with how Josh is feeling still it just doesn't seem like a good idea. We have too much pre party stuff that needs to be done, like yardwork and such that he just can't do right now.

Speaking of the accident, we finally got our check for his car...we have yet to purchase anything, but have some things lined up to look at.
I've been bumming rides from Shannon all this week.
It's nice to spend the time with her and the boys love seeing her.
Josh has been going to therapy still regularly, he went to an ortho and they think it's all soft tissue damage which they just have to keep up at therapy and hope it gets better basically.

I've been trying to get the boys outside everyday that I get home. It helps to wear them out and let them run around, they've been so active and incredibly hyper lately.