Things you say

There are some things I've said this week that I never thought I would.
With two little boys you never know how the day will go.
The other night we had some nekkie time, which the boys LOVE and would rather go around all day with no clothes on.
They've gotten good at stripping themselves down pretty fast.
That night I had to say a few things that had other people heard they would have been hysterical.
I had a hard time keeping a straight face myself.

  • Taylor please don't put your peepee on Mommy's foot.
  • No wrestling while naked please, someone will get hurt.
  • Keep your hands out of your butt.
  • Taylor please don't put your peepee on Mommy's leg.
  • Callum don't bite your brother's butt
There was a theme there. Taylor liked to come over to me and put his penis on me. Callum liked to roughhouse while naked.

I've also realized that I will probably be on the verge of a heart attack raising two boys for the rest of my life.
It's hard to not be "that mom" that is overprotective and a worrier.
Now that the boys are almost three, they've gotten much more into the boys stuff, like pretend shooting guns, super heroes and fighting.
They love wrestling.
Callum thought it would be a good idea to leap off the arm of the couch onto his brother on the couch below.
I had to explain that body slamming was not a good idea.
This is going to be an interesting ride.


Anonymous said...

I am always telling Hailee get your hand out of your butt!! Must be all kids potty training!