Minnie vs a Car

Sunday was an emotionally exhausting day.
One of our beloved doggies got out to the road and was struck by a car.
I was mortified and hysterical.
My husband and his friend Jason took her to the Emergency Animal Hospital close by, she was very banged up and was bleeding from various places on her head and what looked to be from her eye.
I was expecting the worse. I couldn’t imagine that a 10 pound dog versus a car, that the dog would win.
All I could do was sit at the house crying and waiting to hear of the news.
Husband called when they got here and told me that she was responsive and looking around.
In about another 45 minutes to an hour after I called and freaked out my sister crying and yelling belligerently that she had gotten hit he called again.
She was walking on her own! Her pupils were dilating and she was following light.
Her heart and lungs sounded perfect.
She had a concussion and a bad case of road rash on her face. But, there seemed to be no permanent damage.
I couldn't help but cry just amazed of the miracle of my little dog surviving being hit by a car!
The vet prescribed her some antibiotics in case she had inhaled blood or any vomit after she was hit. She also sent home some pain relief for us to give her.
When she got home she wasn't moving much and preferred to lay as close as possible to me.
I couldn't believe it.
She wagged her tail at me when I got home yesterday and actually got up to greet me!
She’s eating again and can come down the stairs on her own to go to the bathroom outside.

We had to explain to our toddler boys what had happened and why Mommy was crying and upset.
We explained that she had run and got hit by a car and had to go to the doggy hospital and we hoped she would be ok. That Mommy was going to be sad, but Daddy would call and let us know if they made her feel all better.

They kept asking when their dog would be home, and they hoped she felt better.
They showered me with hugs and I love yous.

It did make for a good discussion about not running into the streets. We've explained that many times, but they've gotten to see why first hand now.

I can’t imagine how I would have handled having to explain death to the boys this early on.
I definitely wasn't prepared for that.
With us not being particularly religious I have to wonder that when that does come about how we will handle it.

I’m just thankful that for now that will hopefully be a conversation in the distant future.