Spring Cleaning....sort of.

I went home yesterday determined to accomplish some sort of “spring cleaning”.

Lord knows there is plenty to clean around our house. Every room could use a major overhaul.

I’ve been working little by little on the boys bedroom. I’ve gotten their room rearranged with the help of the boys, went through all of their clothes and boxed up sizes that no longer fit. I’ve even managed to get all of the dresser drawers arranged by shorts, pants, long sleeve, short sleeve, pjs and so on.

I was pretty happy with myself.

Until, I opened their closet and realized there were five bins and boxes and one garbage bag full of clothes they no longer fit into.

I pulled all of them out of the closet and started piles.

I had a sentimental pile that I wanted to keep, a goodwill or garbage pile for clothes that I didn’t feel the need to keep or old onesies that still have remnants of stains from the boys soy formula that stained everything yellow. I also had a possibly be able to sell to Once Upon a Child pile.

I went through all of the clothes pretty quickly and saved quite a bit more than I thought I would. I have about a bin and a half of things saved.

Lots to donate, a small bin to take to OUC to let them pick through, and even a small pile of clothes for Isabella for some play clothes while she’s at our house.

I ALSO found a giraffe costume that is just a little small for the boys that I had misplaced in the bins when they could have had it for a play costume if I had remembered it earlier, and some little devil shirts.

The boys had a blast wearing the costumes last night.

It was bonus night all around. I got things done and the boys played giraffe and devil child (which they don’t need the shirt for).