One of the Joys of Twins!

Let's see if we can all spot the numerous bite marks that poor Callum has.
Now let's not all feel badly for Callum right away. Taylor gets his fair share as well.
But right now Callum has at least three visible bites.
These two love each other like crazy and are the best of friends.
They have so much fun talking to each other and making up stories together.
On the other hand they fight as much as they love each other. Over absolutely everything.
I don't know if it's a "two year old thing" or just that they are together constantly and get aggravated with each other easily.


Well it just so happens that in this picture of Callum I can only identify two bite marks. One on his HEAD, yes his head. I overheard Callum telling Taylor tonight to bite him on his head again. WHAT?! lol
He also has one on his tummy.

I hope they grow out of this soon.


Anonymous said...

My friend has twin girls who bit each other up until recently they are 3.5 yrs old! They of course fist fight now!