we had a good time out friday night. we went to josh's alumni homecoming football game. it was some interesting people watching. then we met up with kristen and robbie and had a beer at a bar on the way home. it was nice to be out and laughing and joking around. they wanted to go to the awful strip club we all went to around new years...i was bummed, but had to go home and relieve mom and let josh go to bed since he had to be up in the morning. saturday we just hung around the house and relaxed with the boys. it was nice to have josh here pretty much all day to help change and feed the boys. it was wonderful. yesterday we got up and had breakfast, then his aunt came by to see the boys. that is the only family member of his that has met them so far. his mom works as an LPN for a cruise line, so now she lives in hawaii part of the year and left right before the boys were born....so she won't meet them until she is back in louisville in february.
so anywho, his aunt is a grandma to a set of fraternal twins that were just born in july...so that was really cool. she brought us a picture of them and they are adorable. she held taylor the whole time she was here and fed him while she was here too. it was nice to see someone from his family spending time with them. i feel bad now that i didn't take any pictures.
after the visit we headed out to target and bought a bottle warmer...which was the highlight of my day! that thing has worked fabulous! so now i can make bottles ahead of time and store them and then warm them up when its time. great time saver. we bought callum a new head bolster for his car seat since he's been all floppy. then we took the boys to my mom's to do some laundry and hang with my mom for a while. she watched them while we ran to sam's club to buy water, wipes and other ridiculous giant items. like a three pack of boo berry, count chocula and frankenberry cereal! yummmm!
we went back to my mom's and she bought us all mexican for dinner. her and i went and picked it up and had a beer at the bar while we waited for the food.
it was a nice weekend. i'm sad that everyone is back to work and it's just the boys and i....but that's ok.
the boys are following things with their eyes some!
it's amazing to watch them watch things. i get a little sad to think that they are already growing so fast!
they are cooing and making adorable noises when they aren't screaming! lol
taylor's gas has gotten a bit better with the drops. he's my little cranky pants.