mom will be here soon to babysit the boys tonight so we can go out.i'm pretty excited to be getting out of the house.i'm nervous about leaving them, but my mom raised me and my two sisters and we're all alive so i'm not nervous about her watching's just, well any of you with kids know what i'm talking's hard to leave them.taylor and i went out on our back deck this afternoon when he was wide awake and he was turning his head all over the place. i know their vision isn't really further than a foot or so in front of their face. but he looked like he was in love with watching the big magnolia tree in the back...and he would make little silly faces when he heard birds chirping. it was adorable. i can't wait to be able to get them out of the house on my own. living upstairs and needing to drag down two car seats and the stroller and the babies is just nearly impossible.i have to make it down our stairs, then down the steps of our front door...and the steps down to the sidewalk. there has to be a logical way to go about it so we can get outside during the week.taylor has had pretty bad gas lately too, he's been so cranky. i sent josh to walgreens last night to go and get gas drops. they seem to be helping some, but he's still crying out and farting a lot. my little monster.i can't wait to take a shower! aww the little joys of when josh gets home.i get to shower and make myself feel human.