1st Dentist Visit

Anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook knows about the boys appointments yesterday.
They had their first dentist appointment.
They did fabulously. They were so awesome and brave and let him in their mouths to check out all their teeth and stuff.
Callum's teeth were great, he does have a crossbite which will have to be corrected around 4 years old with a retainer that will be bonded to his baby teeth to correct the bite before his adult teeth come in.
Taylor's visit however was disappointing. He had FOUR cavities.
Nothing has made me feel like the worst mother ever than that visit. I felt like I had been neglecting him or something. FOUR cavities on a two and a half year old. Three of them were very small and won't take much to fill. That last one was a WHOPPER. It's on a tooth that he will have until about 11 years old the dentist said.
He's going to have to have it all drilled out and have silver put in it because of how bad it is.
The other three can have a white filling.
The worst part of it is how they're going to have to do this.
They'll give us medication to give to him an hour before his appointment. That will relax him and only sedate him slightly.
They'll bring him back by himself into the office and will have to pappoose him so that he will be still and can't flail his arms around.
The dentist said that he should only need two appointments at about 40 minutes each for all four.
The first appointment will be for the three little ones and the second for the big one.
We have to seriously pool some money together. The medication he has to take beforehand is $150 on it's own.
We're looking near $1000.00 for the four cavities.

Besides all that, the boys were great, got their new toothbrushes and stickers and we were on our way.

I spent the rest of the night holding back tears.
I have become a juice and tooth brushing nazi.

** after thinking about this long and hard. I definitely want to get a second opinion. I didn't feel comfortable from the get go with him having to go back alone, or us not even having that option. The dentist's excuse of him not needing the distraction has been deemed totally BS by me. They may not mean any harm...but I just can't take that chance.