Pumas and Bunnies

We took the boys to the zoo this weekend for Scotty the baby elephant's second birthday festivities. They weren't really interested in standing still to watch all the birthday celebration so we wandered the zoo. They were in a hurry and everytime they saw one exhibit they would say "ok next". We finally got to the Pumas and it was feeding time.
They asked what they were eating and I had to think to myself if I should lie or just come straight out and tell them they were eating bunny rabbits. They were beautiful white bunnies too...just in time for Spring.
I've always told myself that I would never lie to my kids when they ask a straight out question and I wasn't going to start with the bunnies.
I told them they were eating lunch and they were rabbits.
The rest of the weekend when telling everyone what they saw at the zoo they include the Pumas and that they were eating bunnies and enthusiastically tell everyone "no more hopping for the bunnies"!
At least they took that well.