19 weeks 6 days

Another weekend update.
It was ok. I spent most of Saturday lounging around the house. I watched both Godfather 1 & 2 and part of 3, until I thought better of it. I watched most of Gangs of New York until I decided to get off my ass and go to a friend's house for Thunder over Louisville.
I could have gone with my parents to a hotel over in Indiana and watched it all up close, but we were hoping Joshua would be home by Saturday afternoon. He thought they would be home around 5, but they didn't leave Nashville until at least 6 or 7. I had fun with everyone over at Darlene's. I am addicted to this Caramel Chex mix that was to die for. Everyone was drunk and I just drank my water and some sierra mist and laughed at everyone. The fireworks were pretty. I went home and got some tylenol and then layed on the couch with the puppies and started to fall asleep. I think about 12:30 or 1am Joshua came in and woke me up by giving me a kiss on the face. I was so excited to see his face! I miss him so much when he goes away on work. He had been gone since Tuesday morning around 5am....so I was definitley pleased to be able to cuddle with him to sleep that night.
Sunday morning Joshua let me sleep in like he always does. I got up a bit later and sat around a little while, he made us pancakes and then I took a shower and we got ready to do some running around. We went and got a Sam's Club membership since we can get a ton of diapers for a lot cheaper than buying them a little at a time anywhere else. We took a walk around Sam's and checked out things but didn't buy anything just yet.
We went to the mall so he could buy some new tool for work at Sears and went and grabbed a slice of pizza.
We had to be at my mom's at 3 for a family bbq since my aunt and uncle are in town. We had a pretty good time. I got to see my cousin's little baby and talk to the baby's mom. That was nice. Cayden was adorable...he has little elf ears just like my cousin. They come to a little point, but lucky for him they don't look like they stick out as far as Justyn's! haha.
We got to do a couple loads at my mom's which saved us a trip to the laundry mat today.
My uncle gave us $100, which was so incredibly nice of him. He said it's for baby stuff and half for our house warming. One of the girls here at work is moving in June.....her and I have been close from when I first started working here. She gave me a $100 gift certificate to Target since she said she knows that she won't be here for a baby shower or my birthday....and so I can buy myself some "fat clothes" :)
I was so blown away....that was so awesome of her.

I think that I am feeling some baby movement. But, I'm still not so sure.
I have an appointment on Thursday for a checkup so hopefully I'll get to see them on the old sonogram machine again.

My cell phone still isn't fixed just yet :(
I got my new phone in the mail this weekend but Josh was away and I didn't have another phone to call from and activate it....they only sent me just the phone, no other battery so if I switched it over I wouldn't be able to access my phone book anymore on the other one.....so I am in the process of going through and typing my phone book all out in excel so I don't have to go and pay $10 to have it transferred.