Joshua left for Nashville again this morning. :(
Hopefully he'll only be gone until Friday. I hate when he goes away, I really do. I just have to keep telling myself that it's only a couple days and the pay is great....he'll be back soon.
I guess I'll try and get my stupid cell phone fixed, it hasn't charged in days and it refuses to take a charge. Verizon of course won't approve me for an upgrade so I would have to pay full price for a new phone if I wanted one...and that just won't happen.
My parent's hot tub was installed yesterday and the electrician today should be out to get it all connected. I can't wait to sit in the thing and let the jets work on my sore back.
At first I was upset that they waited until I was pregnant to get a hot tub! But, my mom told me she doesn't like hot tubs really hot....and I'm allowed to sit in a regular tub so it shouldn't be a problem! yay! So as long as they keep it lukewarm all will be well.
My aunt and uncle come in Thursday for Thunder over Louisville. I'm not sure if we are going to go with them or not. They rent a hotel room on the Indiana side of the river every year so they can sit on the river and watch the air show and the really is pretty cool.
Another week or so and we can stalk celebrities again. The barn stable party is coming up and we can walk to it from my sister's. I feel like such a dork for wanting to go but it was really neat to see all those people up close and wasted. Seeing Travis Tritt mumbling and having a lady police officer hold him up was hilarious.
When I drove past the house this morning they had they tents and stuff being set up already.