20 weeks 1 day

my ticker thingy says they are 10.5 inches long and wake mommy up all night from wiggling.
i can't say that that is true. i don't really feel them all that much. i feel little pinching feelings here and there that i think is them moving....and i have seen how much Taylor moves...since he likes to do karate kicks...but other than that i don't really feel much.
i have an appointment tomorrow at 3:15 and i can't wait to be able to see them on the screen again and for the dr. to tell me that everything's great.
so i am more than halfway there....since us twin mom's never make it to the full term.
so i guess about 16-18 weeks to go.
most of the people that see me and hear i am five months are totally shocked that i'm still hardly showing at 5 months. i still just look fat. i am fluffy and my stomach sticks out a little more but it's not round and baby belly looking just yet.
i am waiting for the morning i wake up and there it is.

i think my mom, joshua and i are going crib shopping this weekend with pappaw's money that he sent for our cribs.
i hope that target still has the crib that we were looking at. well...two of them anyway.

we are going to be stuck in our neighborhood this weekend unless someone comes to pick us up or we walk. we have the cherokee triangle artfair going on, on the next street over...so of course people all look for somewhere to park as they walk around....and our street is the one right over so they usually park there.....my brother in law and i parked on my street last year! hahaha....so i know that we will be stuck. it'll be nice to be able to just walk right over to it if we want saturday and sunday though.