Carl Casper Auto Show

Sunday we took the boys to the Carl Casper Auto Show with Kristen, Jesse & Isabella.
We got four free tickets through my work from Insight since we do advertising with them.
We figured the boys would love it since they're obsessed with cars.
They really did seem to enjoy it.
Poor Taylor fell asleep in the stroller before we got around to the Batmobile which they were really really excited about.
I had to tell Callum that Batman lent them his car since he wondered why he wasn't there.
They had other booths with people you could meet from soap operas and stuff.
Taylor went up to meet Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper....Callum wanted no part in it.
Darth and the Storm Trooper were wearing stupid tennis shoes! At least commit to the part! sheesh.



tall people don't fit in the convertible smart car very well


douche vader