Our little monsters have been insane lately.
They've been fighting a lot and just acting like, well....boys. They jump all over each other, jump off the couch, fall down on purpose and act like nutcases.
They've been hysterical though.
They crack me up on a daily basis.
They're such good helpers. If they're acting crazy just ask them to play the clean up game and they're all into it.
They love to help clean. After I cleaned up Sunday and vacummed they spent a good part of the day "being Mommy" and re vaccumming the living room with their play vaccum.
I felt bad that we didn't get out of the house with them this weekend. We had such nice weather.
Tonight we're going to go with Nana to pick up her medicine and then go to a thrift store and see what goodies we can find.
They're loving my new phone and posing for pictures with me.


watching one of their "shows" with Minnie. and they will yell at you to be quiet because they can't hear their show.
so bossy


We got a box of goodies from Tia Kerry, stuff from Lush for me!!! and the boys got shirts and new books.
They loved all of it and had to put on their bat shirts immediately

Enjoying tia Kerry's gifts