Taylor bit me last night and drew blood....on my boob.
I also have about five or six little holes in my arm where he decided to take his hands and pinch up my arm removing skin.

My sister came in last night. She looks great. I can't believe how tall she is.
She's about 5'11 and weighs nothing!!
She came bearing gifts from my dad and my Aunt Cordy. Aunt Cordy got the boys each a pair of high top converse in a size 7 (so it will be a while before they fit) each a pair of gap jeans, shirts, and pjs. They were all so cute.
Dad sent each of the boys gift cards to Target and sent Josh and I some money and a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen.

My eczema is at an all time annoyance. I've contemplated removing my skin, burning myself with boiling water and just scratching it all off to help this feel better.
Oh eczema how I loathe you.