The weekend was good but uneventful. We got to get rid of the cat hair infested couch that was driving my allergies crazy. My mom gave us one of her couches since she has the plan to get all new living room furniture soon.

We have one very sick boy on our hands. Callum has been coughing something terrible. His cough is so phlegmy and painful sounding. I called his doctor yesterday and they said just make sure he gets lots of fluid and make sure he doesn't get a fever. Josh went last night and got a vaporizer and he didn't seem to cough as much last night. I woke up every thirty minutes or so to make sure that he was sort of elevated. Mommy definitely didn't get much sleep the last couple nights.

I really need to get cracking on Christmas gifts.
We finally got a tree up! The boys now walk around the living room saying "pretty" and a form of "tree" It's TOO cute.