We went Saturday and had our pictures taken. They came out really great. I loved our family picture. I'm still debating what to show everyone since I may use them as our Christmas cards :)
I figured we only used the boys last year....so this time we can use a family picture.
I can't believe how fast our long weekend went. It was so great to spend so much time with the boys.
Josh went out Saturday night and the boys and I watched Happy Feet and danced together and had a good time. (besides them biting me) Taylor is such a momma's boy right now. He would get so mad if I just danced with Callum. I had to hold a hand of each of theirs. Callum was perfectly fine if I just danced with Taylor and he would dance along side of us and laugh....but Taylor would just scream and throw a fit! lol
I can't believe how big the boys were compared to their second cousins. Seeing them all together on Thanksgiving was a hoot. We definitely have some little linebackers.
Josh's cousin swore we must be feeding them steroids.