Thanksgiving 2007

November 22 2007 013

We had a really good day all around. The boys were pretty awesome all day. They ate a ton of food. We went to Josh's Aunt Mary's and the boys got to play with their second cousins that are twins also. They are about a month older than the boys but SO much smaller.

We ate a ton at his Aunts and the boys got to play and then we headed to my mom's. We got there before my sister and brother in law. My mom tried to "help" my stepdad with the turkey so we ate about an hour later than they had planned. But, it was really nice to just hang out and relax.
The food was awesome and it was really good to spend time with the family.
The boys loved playing with Aunt Ashley.
We found out that we have little olive addicts on our hands. They ate a ton of black olives.
Taylor was calling Grandma "Mammaw" when I would tell him we were going to grandma's.
Callum also pointed out her Mammaw and called her Mammaw and pointed out my Pappaw and called him Pappaw off my mom's wall of pictures. That was really strange.
The boys totally LOVE their Pappaw. Floyd was so great with them. They had such a good time.
My mom cried when Callum went up and gave Floyd a big ole kiss. It was so cute.

We haven't done a darn thing today but hang around the house. It's been nice to just relax.
We sent Josh's mom with some money and instructions to get us an external drive that was on sale at Target....but they were already sold out when they got there at 5am!