Wedding Day!!

Going to the "chapel" and I'm gonna get MARRRRRIIIIIIIIIIEEEED!

We're at my mom's now and I'm trying to get our playlist together for the outside music.
The boys were awful last night and we got barely any sleep. That sucked.....but I'm not too sleepy today.
Poor Josh sounded stress. We saw each other for the last time as "boyfriend" "girlfriend" this morning...I won't see him again til I walk outside and down the "aisle"!
I like quotations today! haha.
I feel giddy and am so nervous about keeping it together while reading our vows. I have a hard time with emotion....and this will be SO hard in front of so many people.
But, it will be people that love us and that feels good.
When I get back on I'll be a Mrs.

Everyone have a good weekend and Happy Friday the 13th!!!