We had a good weekend. We spent Saturday around the house with the boys playing and napping. Yesterday we went and looked at a couple houses to rent…we didn’t really like either.
We paid back Floyd for the van yesterday! Yay!
I still can’t decide if I want to buy a diamond with some of the money we have. Part of me really wants one…and the other can’t justify spending the thousand dollars.
Josh said we can always wait and save up so we can get something even better next year.

We ordered napkins, our serving set, lights for outside and a chocolate fountain for the wedding Friday. My mom just gave us her credit card information and told us to get whatever we needed and to send her the prices so she can take it out of our “budget”.

I finally uploaded some pictures from the camera so I’ll post a couple!

I took a video of Callum in the jumper yesterday morning. He kept jumping even though he was mostly asleep…and then he’d fall asleep and if I called his name he would start jumping again like “I’m not asleep mom!”
It was so hilarious.
I couldn’t stop laughing.
I’ll have to upload that and post it later when I get home.

On to some baby love.
Sorry if they’re enormous…I’m apparently a retard with uploading my pictures lately.

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Their little old man face

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Taylor laughing at mommy.

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Callum in his jumper

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Poor Taylor wore out in the jumper