The boys weren't really up for pictures yesterday. so i didn't get the 6 month pictures like i would have liked. the boys were surprisingly not too crabby after their shots.
but, they were real clingy the rest of the day.
they sure didn't like the doctor one bit. he suggested we see a plastic surgeon to get an opinion on their heads, since they are still a little crooked if you look at them from the top. he wants to be sure they'll correct on their own or if we have to get them helmets to correct it. i really hope it's the first one.

Callum is up to 15lbs 7oz from 13lbs 11.6oz last time he's measuring 25 3/8 inches from his 24 inches last time.
His weight is in the 25th percentile and height in the 10th. my little man.

Taylor is up to 18lbs 7oz from 15lbs 14.2oz last visit. he's measuring 26 1/4 inches from 26 last time. I think they aren't getting the measurements totally correctly. i know he's much taller than the last visit.

We have six more months to watch and see if Callum's other testicle ever drops...and if not the chance of surgery so they can go in and get it.
The doctor was adamant about us starting solids and getting them off so many bottles a day. I didn't like how pushy he was....but they could start solids now that they're at six months. I just don't need some pushy doctor telling me all pushy like about what we should do with them.
He said we should just throw out the pacifiers now since they don't really show any interest them mostly anyway...less of a headache later. I do agree with that. He of course also pushed about us getting them in their cribs now....which I pretty much agree with also...they're going to be outgrowing their swing and bouncy seats soon enough here.

We went and finished up some registering at Target for the wedding. Most of my family will probably give us cash...but it's always nice to have that option for people to look at if they want.

We decided that we're going to start buying a movie a week so we can beef up our DVD collection. Last night was my pick...we're going to alternate weeks. So, I picked The Little Mermaid! haha. it's one of those ones that are going to be going back in the "vault" so i figured no better time than now.
plus, it was one of my favorites....and Josh admitted that he thinks it's cute too.

I need to look around for outfits for the boys' six month pictures. We may wait and do that next week. I'm not totally sure yet.

We REALLY need to get on the ball about moving. We really need more space.