So at the doctor last week he urged us to start the boys on solids.
He suggested starting with baby oatmeal instead of rice since it has more fiber and won't stop them up as bad as the rice does.
Last night I decided even though we haven't gotten their highchairs that I would try out the oatmeal.
I put the boys in their bouncy seats and put bibs on them and sat on the floor. I spooned out of the same bowl to both of them. Taylor eagerly opened his mouth and hate quite a bit. Callum eagerly opened his mouth ONCE! haha. After that he refused to open up and decided that he hated oatmeal. He laughed and smiled as I fed Taylor and I tried to give him a bite each time anyway....even though he refused. Taylor was so excited and just ate it up. It was so cute. Josh got one or two pictures of Taylor's first bite before our damn camera battery died.
Josh said that Nana got Callum to eat some oatmeal this morning before his bottle!

Taylor slept from about 11 last night til 5 this morning in the cosleeper! woot!!!! Either of them will only sleep on their tummys though.
The doctor also said that we are past the SIDS scare and if they roll to their bellies it's fine.

No luck with the house hunting just yet. We looked at another place yesterday. But the driveway was so DAMN steep. It was insane. No thanks.