Josh's mom had to get an MRI this morning. So I came into work late. It was the boys and I this morning. Callum and I were up by 7 and Taylor finally woke up around 8. We had floor time and we all played. They held hands and I took a bunch of pictures. Then I made the boys oatmeal and we got real messy.

It was a great morning.

The highchairs we ordered are in and at my mom's. I need to go and pick them up. Not that we have room for them.
We need to start packing so that we have some room in our house.

We went and looked at a 3/2 house for rent yesterday. It had a big unfinished basement. The house was pretty cute....kinda far out from the city. So, they said it was two bathrooms.......the second bathroom was a room in the basement with a tub. That's it. A TUB!
How weird and random is that. Also, what kind of people need just a tub in the basement?
We had a field day with our imaginations with that one.
The house creeped me out. So the hunt continues.

I'm starving and so busy here today. I need to go pillage the vending machine.