22 days to marriage!

Talk about pressure! I just looked at our knot web page and it said 22 days until you're married! uh, HOLY SHIT! It's coming so fast! I feel like there is so much more to do. But, last night we went and got my strapless bra for under my gown (i still need to take my gown in to be hemmed), we got Josh's pants, shirt and tie. yay!
My mom called a couple places to rent a table or two and some chairs for the backyard so people have some room to sit. During the ceremony it will all be standing.

We went and looked at a house last night. We put in our application this morning. I am really really hoping that we get this one! We both loved it. It's a charming 40s home, a 3/2 with half a finished basement and the other half is like work bench areas and the washer and dryer and basin sink. It has a walk up in the basement to the backyard and a two car garage...all wood floors.
I am totally crossing my fingers. I really loved it.
It's in a nice neighborhood on a dead end street and it seemed like a quiet little street.
Ok, no need to get my hopes up just yet.
I really really want it though!

Poor Taylor was miserable yesterday and cried for like two hours Nana said...poor thing is working on another tooth.
We got their first invite to a birthday party! My cousin's son Cayden is turning 1 the end of this month and his birthday party is at my other cousin's house on the 1st of April. I need to figure out what to get him!
Callum has started this new smacking his lips thing. It's hilarious.
Oh my boys....they are so adorable and I just love them to pieces.

I'm really hungry and wish I was going with the IT guys to the mexican place, instead I'm going to the county clerk's office. boo.
We have to go again to the clerk's when Josh and I can get time together to go and get our marriage license!!