I think the boys have both started teething. Callum isn't drinking nearly his usual amount, he just chews on the nipple and spits all the formula all over himself. He'll chew on my finger if I put it in his mouth. Taylor is the same, although he is still eating like a champ. I can feel little hard bumps on both of them in the same place, the bottom front area. I don't know how long it usually takes for teeth to break through, but I'll soon find out!

I realized that since I've become a mom I really can't watch the news. I just don't have the stomach for it. I can't stand hearing that some kid was shot at school, or another kid slit the other kid's throat. I just can't handle it. I'm way too emotional about it.

So, my bad mom story for the day. Yesterday morning Taylor was a bit fussy and I had to take a shower and start getting ready for work. He had eaten and been burped and we had some snuggle time. So, I found the Wiggles on tv and he immediately stopped crying and just went crazy for it. He was kicking his feet in the bouncy and squealing like mad. We apparently have a Wiggles junky. Whatever came on after he didn't like so much, so it must have been all the singing he really dug.
Callum will turn his head whichever way when I'm changing him or putting on clothes so he can see the tv. Not good. I have little tv junkies. But, I do try and put on kiddie shows when they're trying to look. I blame my mom's 50 inch tv. They never showed an interest until that thing mesmerized them.

I can't wait til we can get their exersaucers so they have a little more play time other than just on the floor with me holding toys over them. They have both been pretty disinterested in the play mat we bought them. We got the little fishy one, it doesn't have much to look at and they're bored with it.