Well, Taylor is definitely teething. He has a little tooth on the bottom already breaking through. You can rub your finger on his gums and feel the sharp little tooth!
I can't believe it! My boys are going to have teeth already! Holy crap!
Callum's tooth is still in the process of breaking through but you can see it and feel it under the gums.

My mom said I had a ton of teeth by the time I was six months old. She finally had to stop breast feeding me a couple months later because I would bite her so much.....
That apparently stuck with me for quite some time, since I would get in trouble in preschool for biting other kids.

I put Taylor in the jumper thing last night and he sort of liked it. He looked more confused than anything! haha. I took pictures, I'll have to upload when I get home.

I have been bad and haven't taken many this week at all.
I'm hoping with some Christmas money we can take the boys to get some professional pictures....that and we still need to make it Santa.
I have about thirty loads of laundry to do tonight.
Goodness I can't wait til we move.