Got home from doing laundry ALL day at my mom's about a half hour ago.
I did laundry from 1pm to 1am. No joke. What a long day. My mom's new washer and dryer are the bomb...she got the giant ones that fit like 17 pairs of jeans or whatever.... but, the dryer takes FOREVER and a day to dry.
I am so exhausted and I just fed Taylor but I know Callum will be up soon for his bottle. I shouldn't hold my breath and expect him up because then he'll sleep six hours as I stay up waiting for him.
I am officially a mini van mom.
It’s pretty awesome. I love it, but it’s weird being up so high. That thing can move and Floyd and Josh got the TV and VCR working.... for some reason it was disconnected.
Hopefully lots of relaxing tomorrow...but I doubt it.
My maximom carriers were delivered. I have NO CLUE how to use them. The directions make no sense. It also came with a how to I’m hoping that sheds some light. Now I can carrier my babies...or just one at a time. It will be so helpful.
I really should be sleeping.
Oh, Taylor took a nap in his crib for the first time the other day. I put him in to clean up their room and go through clothes for my laundry a thon and he actually slept in there a bit over an hour. I took pictures for proof that I’ll post later