I haven't uploaded pictures off our camera in about a week. So, I have a bunch of pictures to share with you!
I noticed when I was putting them on the boy's website that Callum looks like how Taylor did a couple weeks ago. When he catches up they are surely going to look alike.

Callum on the boppy

Taylor on the boppy

Proof of Taylor's first nap in his crib

and, proof that he hated it!

Both boys in the crib

Callum giving the crazy eyes.

Both boys in their boppy....excuse Callum's spit all over onesie....it was a barf a lot day.

Taylor showing his hatred of the crib

while Callum was napping Mommy and Taylor had some costume fun. he loved me calling him bunny boy.

I love the little paws! hehe.

I can't wait til Callum can fit in their costumes too. We have a ton.