i just have some weird thoughts to throw out there.

how strange is it to think that soon enough i will hardly go by my own name anymore. i will either be mom, mommy or Taylor & Callum's mom. it's so strange to think how everything changes once you have kids. i am so excited to see these boys. i'm getting more nervous about labor and delivery but at the end we will have two beautiful babies. to be able to see both Joshua and i in these little people is just going to be the most amazing experience.
next year when we're married i won't be going by Gunstrom anymore....that's kind of weird too. i was thinking about that yesterday when i was signing my name to some letters here. i thought....how hard is it going to be to get used to signing a different name? i am so used to hearing my last name with first name. it will be so strange! i'm so excited for all of the things going on. i have my occasional freak outs where i worry if i will be a good mom or if our relationship will suffer having all of our attention turned to these little ones. but i just have to be positive. i know i will be the best mom i can be....and i know that josh and i will still love each other just as much if not more than we ever have. it will be hard....but we can do it.

i walked to the back to put hot water in my oatmeal this morning and heard someone opening their can of soda. it reminded me of traveling. the noise of flight attendants opening cans of soda all over the plane. it made me want to go on a trip. i so wish that we could afford to take a vacation. josh and i have never been on a vacation together. i would love for us to get away and have some fun just the two of us. i guess one day....and it will be the four of us.