18 weeks

blah. what a way to start the day.
i woke up around 3 this morning because our electricity went out for a bit. i remember thinking in my sleep "and it all went silent"...because our window unit shut off for a while. then i woke up thinking what the hell?! used that wake to go potty and go back to sleep.
i woke up like i normally do and took the dogs downstairs. i was trying to clear my throat when i got the overwhelming urge to throw up, so there i am in the front yard walking the dogs throwing up near the neighbors front yard. i am hoping no one happen to be going by while this was going on. i think it was the most i have thrown up during the whole pregnancy. i have had a lot of dry heaving and slight puking but nothing like this. it was awful.
so that was lovely.

we have to go and do laundry tonight....i am wearing a button top with a tank top under it and only one of the buttons on the top buttoned because i am getting too big to wear my normal clothes but still not big enough to fit properly into maternity clothes.

we went and got our microwave stand last night! i am pretty excited about that. we have our dishes and cups in the cupboards above our fridge because they were pretty much the only ones that they could fit in. we don't have much storage in our kitchen. well....with me getting fatter it's a lot harder for me to reach up that high...it's so funny that my belly is already getting in the way...and it's only going to get worse!

my honey looks so adorable! he had been growing his beard out because i love beards on men and last night he finally shaved it all back and now he just has a goatee....he looks so different being able to see most of his face. i forgot what he looked like!!
he looked so handsome.

i think his mom is giving us a futon today. we don't have much room for it but it can go in the front room "babies room" for now and i think we'll have room to leave it in there for a while...which will be good for if we get visitors or if i have to fall asleep with the babies for some reason.

we're still looking for a co sleeper or something to fit both of them in that we can put in our room for the first month or so.
i guess if we can't find anything maybe we'll just put one of the cribs in our room somehow.