We had a fairly nice weekend. Josh hurt his back pretty bad at work this week and has been moaning and groaning a lot and having a hard time laying and being comfortable.
We went out to dinner Friday night to the Cheesecake Factory....I had the best Cobb Salad ever....it should be for 12.50.....my banana cream cheesecake was the shit!!!!!!
We walked around the mall since there was a bad storm Friday night. Joshua picked out two little onesies at Hot Topic that say future Jedi Master on the front and star wars on the butt....they were on sale and way too cute to not get. I guess let's hope they didn't mess up and say boys when it's really girls! Either way...they can wear them!
He also bought me (him) another Apple Doll...she's wonderful! She's so creepy and I love her.
Saturday we went and registered at Babies R Us. Instead of me being totally excited and scanning a million things I was way overwhelmed. I always expected it to be so much fun....but really I felt stressed. We scanned some toys and really cute bibs and stuff, we couldn't decide on sheets or a theme...we liked the jungle one but it was like $169 for the set....and we need two! We decided if we can't find one reasonable that we both like then we can get the old fashioned winnie the pooh one from target.
My pappaw is sending my mom lots of $$ for two cribs! I am so excited! I found two at Target that are the convertible ones that change into toddler beds.
We also scanned bottles and I hated all their diaper bags. Kerry saw one on Hot Topic that I just loved.
My mom found the journal she wrote in when I was born and that was really cool to read.
I got some more specific dates about when they found out my Grandpa Arthur was diagnosed with cancer and when we visited him.
Josh went and visited his mom yesterday and told her the news. He had been wanting to wait til we knew the sex. He brought over the print outs of the ultrasound. He said she was excited but wasn't sure about the name Callum....oh well!
I also love Sonic blended floats.....yummmmmmmmmmmm........