only 168 days to go

so i started looking at the calendar...figured my estimated due date of september 12th will most likely be unattainable...seeing as most twins don't go near the full term date. so i am guessing it will be some time in the early or middle of august.
i was informed that i only have five days of vacation left for time off for the rest of the year. yay. :( oh well. at least i have been getting paid for the time i take to go to appointments and when i just can't stand being here anymore.
i am exhausted today. i have been fighting being here since this morning, this seems to be a daily thing now. it's so hard for me to stay awake and alert all day. by 2 i am just dead on my feet and ready for a nap.
i don't know how to resolve this problem at all.
i was stressing about money today. worrying about we'll pay rent when i'm out for maternity leave and how we'll pay for these babies to be in daycare. good lord it's stressful to think about.
i have an appointment next week for wic. i may have to reschedule since it's the day before my doctor appointment. i don't want to take so much time off in one week and piss anyone off.
hopefully we will eventually be approved for childcare assistance....with all the money josh pays monthly for child support we don't have very much extra. so....we'll see i guess.
i have been getting headaches daily....terrible awful headaches. thankfully this fioricet it has really helped but i am trying to not take it too often.
my stomach is starting to really change. i have definitley gotten bigger. the top part of my stomach has gotten harder. supposedly i should be able to start feeling movement now....but being a first timer they say i may just think it's gas or something.