Josh has been gone since Thursday. He went to Nashville for work, was hoping to be home by Friday night, then hopefully Saturday and now it looks like it may be very late Sunday night if that.
I hate having him gone this long. I guess it's better than a whole week but I just want him home. I miss him like crazy.
He told me that they want to send him away for two months in possible January or sometime during the winter.
I'm not too thrilled about that prospect, even though his pay would be great. Having to think about taking care of two babies by myself has me a bit freaked out. I'll worry about that more if it ever does come into fruition.

Other than that, I cleaned a whole lot today. I scrubbed our bathroom and kitchen and cleaned out the front room.

My ankles aren't as swollen as they have been thankfully.

It's such a beautiful day out. I've had all the windows open and the sliding glass door all day.
It's been nice to get so much air through the aparment.

Only five more days til the ultrasound!!