1st Graders!


The boys are first graders this year!
They are in the same school as they were last year. They are in a blended class, so they are basically in the same class as they were last year but are now part of the 1st graders and doing some different work than the Kindergartners in the class.
They are now officially the other teacher's students but still get to see their kindergarten teacher every day.
Because of this they wanted no part in Joshua and I walking them into school on the first day. They told us "we know where we're going, you don't have to walk us we know where to go"
It was bittersweet. It's amazing to watch your kids grow up and become independent and so sure of themselves that they don't need you to hold their hand and walk them into the next step in their life. (even if I really wanted to do it) I have to give them that space and let them do things that they are ready to do on their own. We've been so lucky and have had no tears starting school this year or last even if I felt a little misty.

We are so proud of them.