First Lost Tooth

Callum is the first of the boys to have our very first wiggly tooth.
That tooth was hanging on for dear life for over a week. I was joking around and telling him we were going to tie a string to it and shoot off a rocket with it. He was not amused and said "mommy you'll blow up my tooth!" He told me "it's my deshision"

OMG we have our first wiggly tooth!

I guess he finally got tired of it getting stuck forward and pulled it out at school one day last week.
He called me after school and was so excited. He told me it was bleeding a bit at school so he just took a tissue and pulled it out.
They have little rubber bracelets at school that has a little plastic tooth shaped locked to give to the kids so they don't lose it.
He was so proud.
I may have gone a little overboard on the tooth fairy. I had thought of only a dollar and to try and find a gold coin but I had school that night and there was no way he was going to wait for the tooth fairy to the next night. He would have been so disappointed.
I ended up taking money out at the store and couldn't decide if we should give him just a dollar or a five. I ended up giving him a five dollar bill....I figured since it's his first tooth.
I told him the next morning wow, five dollars! that must be special for your first tooth, I can't imagine she pays that everytime!