Sock Hop

Our friend Kristen runs a preschool and put together an adorable Sweetheart Sock Hop this weekend.
I jumped at the opportunity to dress the boys up and take them to a sock hop with thoughts of seeing them dancing and having a great time.
Well......they did look adorable, but there was no dancing involved.
She had a great band that was playing 50s music and the kids and teachers were all dressed in poodle skirts and little greaser outfits. Everyone looked so cute!
The boys were having none of the dancing or listening to the band.
They spent the entire time screaming about how loud it was and refused to stay in the auditorium to enjoy the dance.
I should have known seeing as Josh has pretty sensitive eyes and ears and the boys definitely have the sensitive eyes and now we know for sure they have sensitive ears as well.
They did have a great time playing in one of the classrooms.
Little Isabella kept coming in and asking them to please come dance with her.
They kept saying they would wait until they got used to the noise but never felt comfortable enough to go in and partake in the dance.





Kerry said...

they look SO adorable dressed up like mini greasers!