School & Nice Days.

We have been having some scattered days of nice weather.
It's definitely been a welcome change to the usual frigid cold and crazy windy days.
The boys love to be able to go outside and run around in the backyard.
Could it be spring finally showing up?!
Before I get too excited, I have to remember that here in the lovely Ohio Valley she's an evil temptress that will show us some great weather before we get another horrible cold snap again.
For now...we enjoy it while we can.
I definitely want to take advantage of the nice weekends all that I can.
Since starting school about a month ago I have a different feeling about the weekends. Of course they've turned into my time to study, but they're pretty much the only time I get to see anyone or spend time with the boys and Joshua.
I'm looking forward to some sister time tomorrow.

School has been pretty great so far. In typical Rhiana fashion I worry too much, freak out and stress over everything. That's pretty much standard routine for me.
I did really good on my first exam and did pretty well (much to my dismay) on this second one we just had.
We have three weekends to study until our next exam on five chapters. This has been a whole new world for me.
I am excited at how excited the boys are for me. I love coming home and hearing them ask how my day at work and school were and ask me to hang out in my school scrubs for a while. They think I should wear they to bed since they look like pajamas.
It's been a pretty grueling schedule and I've been adjusting best I can. I try to get out of bed as early as I can seem to peel myself away to go to work and then go straight from work to school until anywhere between 8 and 9. Once I get home I hole up in my room and scatter my books, notes and notecards across the bed to get studying done.
It will all be worth it in the end. In the meantime I can't help but really feel proud of myself. I've finally followed through on something I've been wanting to do for nearly 14 years. No more excuses and I seem to be doing pretty good.
Joshua & Nana have been amazing at home taking care of the boys, cleaning, cooking, even doing my laundry! My mom comes over and spends time with the boys every week.
I'm so lucky to have the support system that I do. It wouldn't be possible without it.