What the boys are up to about now.

They are growing so fast.
It's just crazy.

Taylor lays awake at night because he is too busy trying to do math.
He'll call out, what's two two's? What are three three's?
Also, is a crocodile nocturnal?
They are both in love with math right now and it's so awesome to watch them figure it out. You can see the little gears moving.

They are both SO into Star Wars. My husband downloaded purchased all six scores from the movies. The boys were so excited. It really brought a tear to my eye to see them so passionate about it.
They were both bopping their heads and humming along and asking what the name of each of the songs were.

We are now rid of the baby potty's in the house and they are strictly using the little seats that go on the toilets.
We found seats that look like this , they're really great. The boys feel more like "big boys" using a big seat with their own little seat that magnetizes right up into the big seat. We get to be happy to not have little potties all over the house, or seats with Elmo, Diego and other characters in every bathroom.
We have also rid ourselves of pull-ups at any time of the day or night! I am really excited about this. Callum was hanging on there for a while and finally decided that he doesn't want to use them anymore. They were a crutch for him for a little bit. Taylor has been without the pull-ups since before we moved. Callum never wore them for naptime but felt he really needed them at night. So far so good!!

They've been on vacation from preschool for the summer spending a lot of time with their Nana and breaking my heart.
One of the mornings Callum declared that I must really hate to go places with them since Nana is always taking them.
Cue hearing my heart shatter into a million pieces.
I had to explain that this is why weekends are so important to Daddy and I. and this is when we get to do things with them. We have to work so that we can have our nice house and all of our fun things like our Wii and the games and toys we have.
I wanted to try to explain it without having to have the "well do you want a roof over your head?" mentality.
I still went to work with my shoulders slumped and my head hanging low.
It hurts to hear that, even if it is just because they're three and don't understand why you have to go to work everyday.

I didn't have off for the day after the Fourth of July, but did get to come home early so I made extra effort to tag along to wherever they were headed with Nana that day.
Thank goodness our town has great little water parks for kids all over.
They had a blast, I nearly got sun stroke but felt happy to be going out and doing things with them during the week.
I can't always go to the library or take them to the museum but I want to make sure that the time I do spend I try to consciously make it quality time.



Taylor fun at the Bubble