Lightning Bug Hunters

Things are moving along nicely with us getting settled in.
We still have lots of things to hang and find a place for everything.
The boys playroom is still in disarray. We need new storage shelves for everything.
I love having so much more space.
It's been really weird getting used to the creaks and noises at a new house.
The old house I would walk through in the pitch black and feel totally comfortable, I'm not quite there yet with the new house. I'm a big chicken and I still get jumpy.
The first week or more I kept one of the kitchen lights on if I was up late so I could have a light on when I moved from the downstairs family room to our room upstairs instead of being in the dark.
The boys started yelling at me about a light being on downstairs so I had to buck up.

Because we live next to a huge empty field we have SO many lightening bugs at night.
The boys favorite thing is to go out at dusk and collect a few each in a container we've poked holes in.
They like to have them in their room up on a dresses to blink through the night.
My mom bought them little bug catcher things but there seems to be a way for them to get out. Each morning when we go to release them there aren't any left in there.
We've got a good catch and release program going on.
Except some have escaped and are hiding in the house somewhere.

Taylor & Nana capturing bugs

Taylor & Nana

Taylor's Catch

Taylor's catch

Callum's Catch


Snuggling in bed with Nana with their buddies for the night