ER Visit #2

We had our second trip to the ER today.
This makes the second trip for Taylor, the first one because we thought he had swallowed a penny. He had ended up swallowing a little sequence that didn't show up on any xrays or anything.

I got a call at work today from Nana that Callum had thrown his cup and hit Taylor in the face. He was bleeding and it had split his forehead open.
She had stopped the bleeding but wasn't sure to tell me to come home for it or not. She wasn't sure if he would need stitches.
She ended up bring the boys to my work so I could take a look at it and see what we wanted to do.

I took him back to the bathroom to clean up all the blood off of his hands and take a look at it once they got to my work.
I wasn't sure if it needed a butterfly suture or stitches so we made the trip to Kosair Children's Hospital downtown.

I could barely find a parking spot in their huge parking garage. I was in tears when we finally found one at my second go around the garage.
Taylor was totally calm and munching on cookies in the back seat. Nana had me follow her and Callum there since I wasn't quite sure how to get there from where I work.

Once we got in there was NO one in the waiting room
The staff was super nice and got us in really fast. They were all really great.
Taylor was a total trooper, Callum freaked out more about the blood and was so apologetic about hitting him with his cup.
We had a long talk about why we ask them to not throw things at each other or hit each other because things like this can happen.

We went back to a room and the ladies came in and put some cold numbing gel on Taylors cut and we sat and waited for more than a half hour for it to really set in.
I wasn't sure what they were thinking we were going to have to do, but it ended up being stitches.
When they thought it was good and numb they took us to a room across the hall.
They told me that they would have to papoose him and asked if I wanted to come with him.
I of course went since they let me.

I helped them get him in the papoose thing and stood down by his midsection to hold his waist and rub him and tell him how proud I was of him.
He cried while they cleaned the wound out, I think mostly because he was really unhappy about them squirting water on him and it rolling down into his eyes.
He hates that.
He cried a little while they did the stitches, but he was such a brave guy. I was SO proud of him. He got a total of FOUR stitches.
The doctor that stitched him told me they needed me working for them with how calm I was with him and trying to help them keep him in the papoose.
If I was in my right mind I would have been like HEYYY, looking to go to nursing school here wanna pay?! lol

Once they were done he was up and running.
They brought him and Callum both popcicles, stickers, crayons and coloring sheets.
Taylor wanted to go and visit Mammaw and show him her stitches so we stopped by her work for a little before we came home for him to nap.

Every time Callum sees his stitches he keeps apologizing to him over and over. It's sweet.
I really hope this helps to sink in why they shouldn't do these things that we've asked them not to....over and over.

I figure this won't be the first or last set of stitches with having two boys that love to wrestle and act crazy. I was so glad that he was so amazing and took it all like a trooper....and that I could hold my cool.

This is after the admitting nurse bandaged him up so he wasn't bleeding everywhere


He was in great spirits and playing "Star Wars" with his fingers! lol


He was stoked to get the syringe to play with that they had used to clean out his wound.


I took the bandaid off while it was still numb so it wouldn't hurt. This is enough to break your heart.


Looking all TUFF



Suz said...

Oh, poor little man! Do you know about keeping a bandage on it as long as you can to minimize scarring? Of course, he's a boy, so it's probably not as 'scarring' to have a scar on his face. ;)

The only reason I ask is because Crab ran into an open car door & had to have 13 stitches (six internal, 7 external)(went down to the bone)(yiiiick) and we had to make sure she wore a hat outdoors for the next 12 months to minimize scarring.

Hugs to your tough guy - and they both will remember this for a looooooong time (guilt is such a handy tool for parents, gotta love it)!