Snow Day

I got to leave work early yesterday. Just as I was pulling in the boys were out front with Nana having a great time building a snowman.
I'm so glad I got to go home in time to play out in the snow with them.
They really enjoyed throwing snowballs at me and thought it was hysterical when I hit them with one.
We had a great time and were all exhausted once we were done playing in the snow.


I took this with my phone so you could see how high the snow was.


Callum very pleased with himself after he hit me with a snowball




I also got the pleasure of shoveling off our driveway after the boys went down for a nap.
Let me tell you, that is NO fun.
I got just enough done so I could pull up further and Josh could park at the end of the drive.
My back is killing me today.


bliitz said...

looks like they had tons of fun :)